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Little now remains of RAF Woodhall Spa, the squadron's home for most of its existence, but a few surviving buildings have been restored and now constitute Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre which is dedicated to presenting to the public both the history of RAF Woodhall Spa and Lincolnshire's part of the "Home Front". The Squadron members have close links with the visitor centre and the annual reunion invariably includes a trip there.

627 Squadron display at TCVC

The Squadron has a display in one of the buildings, shown in this photograph being inspected by members of 627 Squadron in Retirement. It includes copies of all known wartime squadron photographs, models, artefacts, and the Book of Remembrance listing all aircrew who died during the war. Their names are also listed in the Memorial page of our site.

A small corner of RAF Woodhall Spa is still used by the RAF for servicing Tornado engines, the rest of the area now being used for agriculture or mineral extraction. This memorial to the squadrons based at the aerodrome, consisting of a propeller recovered from a crashed Lancaster and badges of the squadrons mounted on a plinth, was constructed at the entrance to RAF Woodhall Spa in 1993.

RAF Woodhall Spa Memorial

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