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The Squadron's Mosquitos

Apart from two Avro Lancasters used for H2S MkVI training for Tiger Force, the squadron used only the De Havilland Mosquito which was, in the unbiased opinion of the squadron members, the finest aircraft ever produced. Despite what you might read elsewhere, the Squadron never had any Douglas Bostons!


Mosquito B Mk IV DZ601 AZ-A of 627 Squadron

The Mosquito was, like all of the RAF's best aircraft, designed as a private venture and initially attracted little interest from the Air Ministry. It was originally designed as a light bomber with enough power to outrun enemy fighters, making defensive armament unnecessary. Another unusual feature was that it was built entirely of wood instead of the valuable aluminium and alloys used in most aircraft. It soon became one of the RAF's most versatile aircraft, excelling in roles as diverse as photographic reconnaisance, anti-shipping strike, night fighter and, of course, its intended purpose as a bomber. 7,781 were produced between 1941 and 1950 in Britain, Canada and Australia, the last remaining in RAF service until 1955. Only a small number of Mosquitos survive, none of them airworthy.

All of 627 Squadron's Mosquitos were bomber versions, and carried the code AZ. None survives complete, but various fragments and parts exist in several museums and at crash sites in Britain and abroad. A full list of the Squadron's aircraft can be found in At First Sight.

The De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV

Powerplant 2 x 1,460hp Rolls Royce Merlin XXI or XXIII
Maximum Speed 380mph
Length 40ft 9.5in
Wing span 54ft 2in
Height 12ft 6in
Weight (empty) 13,400lbs
Weight (maximum) 21,462lbs
Bomb load 4,000lbs
Range 2,040 miles
Ceiling 34,000 feet


Mosquito B Mk IV DZ525 AZ-S of 627 Squadron
Photograph B E B Harris DFC

Mosquito Types Operated by the Squadron

Mark Number Used
B Mk IV 53
B Mk XX 9
B Mk 25 15
B Mk XVI 6
B Mk IX 1
FB Mk VI 1

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