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627 Squadron in Retirement


The Squadron Badge

The grant of a Squadron Badge came in 1945. As is customary, it originated from the College of Arms and the device is a falcon diving holding a firebrand in its beak, indicative of the visual dive marking we were carrying out on behalf of No. 5 Group at the time, the motto being similarly appropriate.

The original grant bore the signature of His Majesty King George VI, and of Chester Herald, as illustrated here.

Badge Grant

A photograph of the badge was distributed to all personnel on the Squadron at the time and an official copy was framed and displayed in the Officers' Mess at Tattershall Thorpe. This copy is now in the safe keeping of the last Commanding Officer. The original is, of course, in the archives of Air Historical Branch, RAF MOD, and a copy is held by the College of Arms in London. The badge appears only with a King's Crown, the Squadron having been finally dispanded well before the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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