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The Path Finder Badge

As previously shown herin No. 627 Squadron was formed as part of N0. 8 PFF Group – Path Finders – and steadfastly remained part of No. 8 Group throughout, inspite of being on detachment and under the control of No. 5 Group for the major part of its existence.

It maintained and enhanced its pathfinder traditions by the very nature of its work as low level visual markers for No. 5 Group and in recognition of this the PFF Badge Committee visited the Squadron periodically to interview crews and examine operational records with a view to awarding either Permanent or Temporary Certificates, duly signed by Don Bennett, permitting the recipient to wear the much prized PFF Badge, a golden eagle worn on the top left pocket flap below brevet and medal ribbons, if any.


The PFF Badge was not an uncommon sight in the small area of Lincolnshire centred on Coningsby and Woodhall Spa as apart from 627, our illuminators – 83 and 97 Lancaster Squadrons based at Coningsby had also been detached from No. 8 PFF Group, and the Badge Committee included them on their ‘days out’ from Cambridge/Huntingdon, the home of PFF.

Overshadowed in almost everything by 617 Squadron, the Dambusters, at Woodhall Spa, 627 had just this recognition of their unique place in operations of No. 5 Group to prevent enquiry as to which Squadron the aircrew belonged.

It may be just, but it is rather sad that the ground staff were not recognised in some way as having the task of ‘caring’ for the PFF crews.




This is an example of an actual Path Finder Force Badge Certificate granted to Flight Lieutenant Wilf Yeadell in 1945

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