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At First Sight
And In The Morning - Vic “Garth” Davies. DFC.

From time to time, our thoughts tum to our comrades in all walks of life whether in the services or in a civilian capacity who have lost their lives over the years.

As age starts to weary us and the years condemn we reflect upon the good and bad times we went through and I’m sure many will be able to think identically in their particular mode of operation as I pen a few memories.

To gaze across the room at your room mates bed. His personal belongings all neatly piled awaiting collection.

To follow his coffin to its last resting place knowing full well all it contained was sand and bits of flesh, and to feel for his next of kin when the grave wasn’t big enough to lower the coffin.

To watch one of our Mosquitoes skid across the ground in the target area knowing full well the navigator’s wife was living in the village back at base. Already with three children, she was expecting again. God, who would tell her the news?

To see the look of anguish on the face of one of your mates as he reads a “Dear John” from wife or girlfriend.

The parties you had in the mess after the op. was cancelled as you were about to take off. The party piece you used to sing. “Please don’t burn our lavatory down, mother has promised to pay”.

To share the char and wads with your ground crews and to be rudely Christened with a vulgar nickname in keeping with your initials.

The spot of romance with some unsuspecting WAAF who hadn’t realised that slap and tickle had nothing at all to do with astro navigation.

Yes, we shared the good and the bad times. Some didn’t make it and they must always be in our thoughts.

At the going down of the sun, we went into battle and fought our way in and out of Europe. Many were to fall and, in the words of Rupert Brooke, lie in some comer of a foreign field that is forever England.

And in the morning we look upon empty dispersals with the ground crews sadly but hopefully scanning the skies.

We looked upon the empty chairs in the mess and the unslept beds. We moumed and we remembered them and their like.

To us who remain, that despite the envy and greed, bitterness and hatred, violence and bloodshed, this world is still a wonderful place.

Thank you. Garth

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