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At First Sight
Wesel 23rd March 1945

F – DZ599

S/L P.F. Mallender
F/Lt W.S. Gaunt

Marker Leader and Marker 1. 20.46/23.46. Target Wesel 1 x 1000 RTI and 1 x 1000 YTI Oboe Green TIs were slightly late but accurate. Main concentration 400 yards SE of target point. Either Marker 2 or 4 marked first and 2 TIs fell almost at once, assessed by controller as W of the MP but actually 100 yards N. Controller called for backing up. Resulting concentration was centred 150 yards NNW of MP. Controller instructed bombing on top of Red TI.

W – DZ631

F/Lt W.W. Topper DFC
F/O V.W.Davies DFC

Marker 2. 20.49/23.45. Target as above 1 x 1000 RTI 1 x 1000 YTI. Oboe Green accurate and on time. Marker 6 assessed first TI as OK. Backing up was ordered E. Marker Leader asked for this to be repeated. Backing up was speedy and well done.

E – DZ634

F/Lt C.H. Bridges
F/S R.H. Doyle

Marker 3. 20.47/23.40. Target as above 2 x 1000 RTI Marker 4 dropped first TI which was assessed as slightly N. Second TI fell approx. 100 yards E and ours fell approx. 100 yards SE.

H – DZ606

F/Lt J.Walker
F/O K.R.Oatley

Marker 4. 20.50/23.48. Target as above 1 x 1000 RTI 1 x 1000 YTI. Our TI first down and fell approx. 100 yards NW. Backing up was accurate.

G – DZ611

F/Lt F.D.Armstrong
F/O Patterson

Marker 5. 20.48/23.49. Target as above 2 x 1000 RTI backing up carried out to E of Marker 4s TI and was accurate.

S – DZ525

F/O J.W. Buckley
P/O W.W. Burke

Marker 6. 20.50/23.49. Target as above 2 x 1000 RTI. Backing up was done to Marker 4s TI and resultant concentration was fairly good.

J – KB345

F/Lt J.W.L Alford
F/Lt J. Murphy

Breeze Leader. 20.30/23.33. 4 x 250 YTI Found 2 winds averaging 180/16 1st Class and receive winds from Breeze 2, 3 & 4. Passed average 178/16 1st Class to Link 1 at 23.22.5 hrs but receive no reply from either aircraft. Continued calling until 22.26 when Controller ordered us off air.

L – KB625

F/O R.W. Olsen DFC
F/O F.L. Chipperfield DFC

Windfinder 1. 20.34/23.18 4 x 250 YTI. Found 2 winds and passed 126/18 to Breeze Ldr. at 22.00

Y – KB409

F/O W.A. Barnett
F/S J.A. Day

Windfinder 2. 20.31/23.20 4 x 250 YTI. Three winds found and 175/18 1st Class passed to Breeze Ldr. 22.21

V – KB561

F/O F.J. Nash
F/S E.C. Wetherall

Windfinder 3. 20.33/23.24 4 x 250 YTI. One wind found and 175/15 passed to Breeze Ldr. 22.19

PRO – AIR23 – 2150 Rain Assessments

Wesel 23-3-45.


To destroy an enemy strongpoint at Wesel. 

Plan of Attack.

a] 4 Mosquitoes to find wind in target area and to pass to Breeze Leader – to be averaged and passed to link.
b] Oboe Mosquito to drop Primary Blind Greens.
c] First Mosquito to identify visually, to mark the marking point, to be assessed, and if accurate, to be backed up
    with reds and yellows.
d] Failing this the most accurate of the Greens to be backed up

Bomb Load.

10 Aircraft carried 6 Red TIs, 9 Yellow TIs & 6 Wanganuis

a] 4 Mosquitoes found wind and passed to Breeze Leader who averaged and passed to link.
b] Weather no cloud and good visibility.
c] The Green PBMs were late but accurate.
d] Markers 2 & 4 marked together being assessed by Marker 6 as accurate and backing up carried out giving a final
    concentration 10/150 yards N of M.P.

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