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In Fond Memory Of Two Great Aussies 

Extract from Battle Order:
“O” DZ516 F/O Saint-Smith.J.A. RAAF
F/O Heath.G.E. RAAF
Target Gnome Rhone Works, Gennevilliers, Paris. Dive bombed. From, 5800/l000ft at 0028hrs to release spot fires which were assessed as 300yds S of aiming point. Bombed on these at 0033hrs. Bombing was well concentrated with many fires. B/L 2 Red Spotfires, 2x500MC.
Whether the debriefing officer misheard the dive marking height or whether 5800/1000ft was advised by this crew will never be known but the fact remains that “O” Orange returned with bricks from the works chimney embedded in the starboard wingtip, much to the delight of the two crew members, who claimed them as souvenirs, leaving the ground crew to replace the wingtip.

Sadly this crew was lost on a marking operation on Beauvoir shortly afterwards and it can only be hoped that the bricks became part of the Officers Mess chimney constructed later by Wilf Yeadell at Tattershall Thorpe Camp, and illustrated elsewhere in these pages.   

F/O Saint Smith. DFM, DFC RAAF. Pilot and his Navigator F/O Heath DFM, DFC RAAF. Going on leave from Tattershall Railway Station. Both were lost on a marking operation on 29th June 1944.

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