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At First Sight
Lost, Stolen or Strayed - A story about Dai Thomas and Sid Parlato - Andy Denholm

Dai and Sid like a number of us, came from 139 Squadron, Wyton, to form 627  Squadron at Oakington. This incident happened on their first operation with 139, proving the point that a pilot must trust his navigator at all times!

Their target was Oldenburg, and having never experienced such an event before, Sid was all tensed up, looking for flak and night fighters. As they neared their time on target Sid suddenly said “there it is Dai”, straight ahead, flares, fires and flashes. As they got ready to open the bomb doors and line up on the target, everything seemed to freeze. The target did not get any nearer, or so they thought. Five minutes over time, then ten, then fifteen and it still seemed to he quite far away!

Then Dai realised what was happening. What they saw was a Heavies raid taking place at Hanover, but since they had long since overshot their own target and had sufficient fuel, they just carried on to the scene ahead.

By the time they got hack to Wyton they were about an hour overdue and were on the point of being reported as “missing”.

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