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Extract From 5 Group News - 30-6-44

Not only did the Group carry out more attacks, but each attack was more effective than in the past. Throughout the month the centre of pattem of bombs averaged only 100 yards from the aiming point.

A great improvement on previous results. This improvement has been brought about mainly by the steady development of the system of marking, and I wish to pay tribute to those pilots of No. 627 Squadron who have gone in low to mark the target and who have not allowed their aim to be spoilt by the light flak defences.

Their accuracy has been consistently of a very high order, far exceeding any other system tried.

Signed Ralph Cochrane. A.V.M.
Air Officer Commanding. 5 Group.

Operations Record - Woodhall Spa

Station Commanders Resume - May 1944.

No 627 Squadron was employed exclusively as the Initial Mark Force. Outstanding successes were achieved by the Group in attacks against Salbris Ammunition Dump, Gnome- Rhone Works - Gennevilliers, Ball Bearing Factory at Annecy, Marshalling Yards at Lille and Gun Emplacements at St. Martin de Varreville. These successes were all dependent upon the accurate marking of the aiming points and the high efficiency of No. 627 Squadron in its new role was soon established throughout the Group.

Insufficient flare illumination was corrected.

Signed Gp/Capt Philpott.

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