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At First Sight
Givors - 26-7-44 - Central France.

P – DZ634

S/L Churcher
F/O Willis

Returned early as weather conditions affecting aircraft.

N – DZ636

F/O Flaherty
F/O Christie

Failed to return – nothing heard since take-off presumed lost in English Channel.

E – KB267

F/Lt Bray
F/S Swales

ASI frozen, engines cutting

C – DZ641

F/Lt Bartley
F/O Daly

Compass u/s, Generator u/s

G – DZ611

F/O Thomson
F/O Harris

Hail, compass spinning, pitot head frozen.

Q - DZ650

F/O Boothright
F/O Holdaway

Adverse weather, landed Ford short of fuel

O – DZ637

F/O Whitehead
Sgt Watt

Returned early, freezing ASI, Gee u/s, heavy icing

B – KB195

S/L McKenzie
F/O Herbert

Photo Recce – Heavy Rain

H – DZ534

F/O Gribbin
F/O Griffiths

Target Marshalling Yards and Junction (N Aiming Point) Givors. In rain and haze arrived target 01.50hrs but did not attack. On leaving a/c got of bearing due to compass 50 out due to lightning – unable to check compass due to clouds. Gee u/s, ASI u/s. On appearing from clouds a/c steered north but had insufficient petrol to make base. Called Biggin Hill on Button ‘D’ but no reply. Tried Button ‘C’ and oblong 22 relayed messages but B.H. unable to get fix. At approx. 04-15hrs SOS given and Exeter answered and gave bearing of 50 and sundry vectors till pilot said he had 15 minutes of petrol left and asked for nearest base. Exeter unable to fix but gave northerly course then second class fix which was in Cherbourg area, so pilot called 21 sector who were unable to give bearing but exposed S/L beams. Aircraft came out of cloud at 60ft but could not see S/Ls. Someone else gave vectors ands/Ls were seen but pilot had insufficient petrol to reach landing ground so decided to ditch at 04-53hrs. Picked up by Navy 12 miles east of Cherbourg, pilot and navigator suffering with slit cuts only and taken to 12th Field Hospital Cherbourg. B/L jettisoned at sea.

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