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At First Sight
Dresden - 13th February 1945

W – DZ631

F/Lt Topper DFC
F/O Davies DFC

Marker Leader Up 19.57 Down 01.53

Target DRESDEN. 1 x 1000 TI Red returned to base as not required.
Primary Green fell on time and also flares making the MP immediately visible. Aircraft dropped TI which was assessed by Marker 2 at 100 yards E. This was passed to controller who requested backing up by all Markers. This was well carried out, the resulting concentration was 400 yards E to W across MP. Markers were visible through cloud. Markers called off and main force told to bomb Red TIs. Markers ordered home. Marker leader stayed to watch bombing which was very good. There was a large explosion in the SE of the target followed by an electric blue flash of 3 seconds duration.

F – DZ599

F/Lt Walker
F/O Oatley

Marker 2 – Backed up

P – KB416

F/Lt Armstrong RAAF
F/O Patterson

Marker 3 – Backed up

Q – DZ650

F/O Buckley RNZAF
F/Lt Crosbie

Marker 4 – 10 minutes late overall

H – DZ606

F/O Rolland
F/O Holling

Marker 5 – Backed up

G – DZ611

F/Lt Alford
F/Lt Murphy

Marker 6  – Backed up

J – KB345

F/Lt McLellan RAAF
F/O Phillips RAAF

Marker 7  – Backed up

Y – KB406

F/O Olsen DFC
F/O Chipperfield DFC

Marker 8  – Backed up

Extract from Air 27/2150 - PRO - Raid Assessments 627 Squadron

Dresden - 13-2-45


To burn and destroy enemy industrial centre - Dresden

Plan of Attack.

a] Primary green blind markers to be dropped by Lancasters on aiming point to be followed by flares.
b] First Marker to identify and to mark with Reed TI to be assessed if accurate to be backed up by other Markers.
    Inaccurate markes to be scrubbed with yellows.
c] If marking point could not be marked primary greens to be backed up with reds. If greens inaccurate aiming point
be marked with reds.
d] Lancasters to carry emergency sky marking.

Bomb Loads.

10 Red TIs - 2 Yellow - 8 Wanganuis (Flares)

Narrative of Events.

a] Weather 9/10 - 10/10 cloud base 4/5000ft Vis Good.
b] Primary greens and flares on time and accurate.
c] Marker Leader identified, dropped and his marker was assessed at 100 yards east of M/P by Marker 2.
d] Backing up was ordered and was done accurately and quickly leaving spread of TIs 300/400 100 yards east
    of M/P.

e] Marker 4 too late to back up
f] Main force bombing appeared very accurate, large fires and some explosions seen.

Immediate Interpretation. 14-2-45

Part of western outskirts of Dresden obscured by haze and smoke drifting to north east covers central and western parts of the city.

Through breaks in cloud main marshalling yard and part of city seen - great material damage. Large number of fires seen burning fiercely and involves engine roundhouse, central goods depot and many wagons in heavily loaded yards. Several large industrial premises in neighbourhood seen to be burning and many fires among oil store between marshalling yard and River Elbe.

Elsewhere many blocks of buildings gutted - fires have destoyed part of the city.


......great damage to city..... by fire. Chief areas heart of the city, Alstadt lying on south bank of Elbe, Neustadt on north bank is less affected. Further areas of devastation east of Alstadt and north of Grosser Garten in district of Johannstadt. Incidents of residential damage east of this area as far as Loschwitz where river swings south. Damage to public and administrative buildings and industrial buildings severe and still burning - Also main railway station and two bridges across the river. Carola bridge and Augustus bridge holed. Damage to railway bridge crossing river. Barracks severely affected.

Whole central south and eastern sections gutted. Devasated centre city and Johannstadt, Neustadt and Plauen. Severe damage extending south west of Friedrichstadt marshalling yard.

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