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Squadron and Flight Commanders

No. 627 Squadron Commanders

13-11-1943 to 03-06-1944
Wing Commander R. P. Elliot DSO, DFC*
03-06-1944 to 22-01-1945
Wing Commander G. W. Curry DSO, DFC*
22-01-1945 to 17-03-1945
Wing Commander B. R. Hollows DFC
10-04-1945 to 01-06-1945
Wing Commander R. Kingsford-Smith DSO, DFC, RAAF
01-06-1945 to 30-09-1945
Wing Commander C. W. Scott AFC, RNZAF

Flight Commanders

'A' Flight
23-11-1943 to 01-01-1944
Squadron Leader W. G. Lockhart DSO, DFC
19-01-1944 to 15-07-1944
Squadron Leader E. R. Nelles DFC
15-07-1944 to 14-12-1944
Squadron Leader R.G. Churcher DFC*
14-12-1944 to 25-03-1945
Squadron Leader P. F. Mallender DFC
25-03-1945 to 30-09-1945
Squadron Leader W. W. Topper DFC
'B' Flight
13-11-1943 to 08-01-1944
Squadron Leader E. I. J. Bell DFC
16-01-1944 to 21-09-1844
Squadron Leader N. W. MacKenzie DFC
21-09-1944 to 01-05-1945
Squadron Leader R. W. G. Oakley DFM, DFC
01-06-1945 to  30-09-1845
Squadron Leader J. H. Penny DFC
H2S T & D Flight
01-03-1945 to 30-09-1945
Squadron Leader B. J. Hooper DFC

Squadron Adjutants

15-11-1943 to 11-09-1944
Flight Lieutenant F. R. Lavender
11-09-1944 to 13-12-1944
Flight Lieutenant W. G. Hitch
13-12-1944 to 10-01-1945
Flight Lieutenant D. W. Peck DSO, DFC
10-01-1945 to 07-05-1945
Flight Lieutenant L. H. Ingham
17-05-1945 to 30-09-1945
Flight Lieutenant N. J. Hanks DFC

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