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Len Blake                     
Ex "A" Flight - for his tireless assistance with proof readingand checking of copy
Rob Owen
Graham Wallace
617 Squadron Researcher and No. 5 Group Researcher for their co-operation throughout especially in the tracing of PRO documents
Mike Hodgson
Thorpe Camp Preservation Group - for hisd assistance with local information on Woodhall Spa today
Nick & Carol Carter    
For their willing help with regard to awards to Squadron members
Peter Green
Aviation Author - for the loan of photographs
Caroline Hogg
RAF Coningsby
F/Lt Berry
Tornado Propulsion Flight, RAF WoodHall Spa
John Marshall
RAF Woodhall Spa and Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group
Patrick Smith
Fred MacMillan
of Borth, Dyfed, and The Aircrew Association for their stout work in tracing Squadron members.
Ken Ellis
Fly Past Magazine - for his enthusiastic assistance
S/Ldr Peter Singleton 
Gordon Leith                  
Ken Hunter
Air Historical Branch. RAF. MOD.
RAF Museum - Hendon.
RAF Museum - Hendon. Without these there would have been no book
The Staff of PRO Kew
Always willing to assist

My grateful thanks are also due to due to the not inconsiderable number of members of the WAAF who are now happily married to Co-Authors of this book. Officially attached to H.Q. Staff. Woodhall Spa, they claim immunity from writing paragrapghs, but all have been very supportive and most helpful with detail.

Alan B. Webb

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