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At First Sight
Little Ones Versus Big Ones

Shortly after the arrival of 627 Squadron and its Mosquitoes at Oakington the Resident Lancaster Squadron - No. 7 - decided that they had been invaded by a bunch of diminutive wooden kites which would not greatly influence the war they were fighting. In consequence of this there appeared on the door of 627 Squadrons hangar, one very dark night, the boldly painted title of:

“627 Model Aeroplane Club”

Such a description certainly did not upset the custodians of the said diminutive wooden kites, and we became quite proud of the title, especially as we had just taken delivery of our first 4000lb “Cookie” carriers.

However, it is always considered polite to reply to any communication, however derogatory in intent, and nights later, presumably on a similarly dark night, there appeared on the door of one of 7 Squadron’s hangars, and in slightly larger characters than the aforesaid inscription, a notice directing one and all to:

“No 7 Operational Training Unit”

Honour being completely satisfied the two units thereafter continued the execution of the war against Germany as extremely good friends and joint occupiers of RAF Oakington. Men will be boys.

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