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Late May 1944. Aircraft returning from dive bombing practice at Wainfleet. Aircraft approaching runway No. 3, too high, and with one prop. feathered. Obviously intending to go round again. Two thirds down the runway the second engine seized, with no time to feather prop., and “D’ DZ422 spun into the ground between Nos. 1, 2 & 3 Dispersals and the Bomb Dump in Ostlers Plantation.

F/Lt Hogg - Pilot and F/Lt Woodhouse - Navigator, were, of course, killed instantly and the wreckage burned out.

Later that day W/O Palmer, known affectionately throughout the Squadron as “Pedler” in the best traditions of the Royal Air Force, quizzed all ground crews who had witnessed the incident, as the aircraft was so completely destroyed that investigations into cause were proving very difficult.

“Which engine was feathered and which one seized over the runway?” all were asked. Everyone was absolutely sure, positive, no doubt whatever …… “the starboard was feathered - the port seized” ........ “the port was feathered - the starboard seized”.

 The final reckoning was about 50% for starboard and 50% for port. Observation, even from professional observers, and these chaps were professional observers, can never be the last word in accuracy.

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