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At First Sight
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The local farmhands of Woodhall Spa and Tattershall Thorpe were unaccustomed to  seeing H2S Blistered Lancasters, as the local flock of 617 aircraft had, at the time of our stay on the drome. the “cut-away” bomb-bays for the “Tallboys and “Grand Slams” - 12,000lb and 22,000lb high penetration bombs.

In early summer of 1945 H2S Training and Development Flight, 627 Squadron was formed for Tiger Force low level target identification and marking by Radar. For this the roadside dispersals Nos. 27 and 28 were used and five or six MkIX and XVI Mosquitoes arrived complete with small H2S blisters, nearly scraping the ground when landing.

The sight of these rather upset a couple of farmhands ploughing the field across the road by the “overshoot” They questioned us as we cycled past one morning. “Your sure they Mossies be alright? They orta be inside in that state, I reckon they be calving any time now”. I am convinced to this day that one, at least, was indeed perfectly serious - poor chap.

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