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Low Level Visual Dive Marking – Proof Aunay - Sur - Odon 14-6-1944

Not a particularly  noteable or spectacular operation from the point of view of 627 Squadron’s visual marking but the aerial photograph taken the following day illustrates with clarity the concentration which could be obtained from accurate visual low level marking, plus good master bomber control of main force.

Only eight days after the D-Day landings when the British bridgehead was being consolidated, news was received that a German column had halted for the night in the small town of Aunay-sur-Odon, an important multiple road junction just south of the British XXXth Corps positions and the Germans were presumably awaiting orders as to which road north to use for their counter-attack.

An extremely hurried operation was put on with 330 plus heavies from 4, 5 and 8 Groups participating, only four visual markers being required from 627 Squadron. The result one can judge from the illustration reproduced here.


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