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Thorpe Camp

At First Sight

At Second Sight

Mosquitos Airborne


BEF Al Faw Video '05


At First Sight
Part III


We were coming home

F/O, F/Lt, V. R. Davies DFC

Low flying - High jinks

John Whitehead

Watt I can remember

John Watt

How could life be any sweeter

John Watt

'Be Careful Laddie'

S/Ldr, Group Captain R. G. Churcher DSO, MVO, DFC*

Piped at the Post

W/O, F/O, K. R. Oatley

Disappearing into Bofors Type Flak

F/O, F/Lt H. Bridges

The 627 Monthly Practice Bombing Trophy


The Squadron that left its mark

F/O R. Pate



Steer 278 degrees

F/O, F. A. Saunders

Cavehill 'P' Peter to Marker Leader

F/O R. W. Olsen DFC

H2S Training and Development Flight


Only for a short stay

Wing Commander B. R. W. Hallows OBE, DFC

The sheer thrill of being a member of an operational marking team

Sgt, F/O, W. W. Burke

The Path Finder Badge




Hitler heard of my bombing practice and packed it all in

F/O L. J. Stow DFC

The Long Way Home

F/O, S/Ldr W. A. Barnet  RNZAF

The Choice - Lincolns or Mosquitoes

Wing Commander C. W. Scott AFC Chevalier de L'Ordre avec Palme Crois de Guerre (Belgium) RNZAF/RAF

And in the morning

F/Lt  V.R. Davies

We came towards the end - Japan

F/O D. S. Longmore

You! - You! - You! - Tiger Force

F/O, F/Lt, R. Davey

We dressed ship on V.J. Day

Squadron Leader H. J. May DFC

Finis Opus Coronet

F/O, F/Lt, R. Davey

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